Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snapshots of a Wedding

I'm taking a photography class to improve my photo taking skills. But I think I've captured a few moments that will tell the story of Brooke and Chase's wedding.

                                        My helper for the day...Thanks, Trevor.

 My son, Trevor, with friends...

Congratulations, Brooke and Chase!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Silk Paintings - A Wonderland of Color

Wonderful colors and textures created on silk ...workshop with Elise Wilding...

Beginning the process....drawing your design.
Adding the dye and learning how it flowed on the silk.
Finished product...

Details up close...vibrancy of color was delightful.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Backyard Country Wedding

My very good friend, Teri, asked me to arrange flowers for her son's open house.  She wanted bright colorful garden flowers in Mason jars for the tables.  What a treat for me...carte blanc on any flower, any reign on design!  A designers dream....

Amy (daughter) and Teri
 Teri is a fabulous master gardener...she says she doesn't fertilize any of her pots and her plants seem to grow like weeds.  She did impart some of her hidden gems on soil and suppliments this spring to me.  I don't think I actually followed through for my own pots...but after seeing her yard today, we should all be so fortunate to apply her wisdom for our growing things.  She has several white hydrangea bushes on the north side of her envy spark erupted from me as I used the precious blossoms as the basis of every creation.   And I reflect seriously about how to make each flower play a bigger role even if it should be just one blossom adorning in a vase.... I know exactly where they should reside.

The artist is the confidant of nature, flowers carry on
dialogues with him through the graceful bending of
their stems and the harmoniously tinted nuances of
their blossoms. Every flower has a cordial word which
 nature directs towards him. ~Auguste Rodin
The Beginnings
Mason Jars waiting in a row 
 Zinnias, Delphinium and Dahlias
 Spray Roses -love the Bokeh (Bouquet)
Snapdragons...two toned wonders!
Lavendar Stock...a spicey peppered delight.
Winter is creeping up like a hidden feline...ready to pounce on us at a moments notice.  As I contemplated the fact that the flowers in my yard were ultimately headed for a frosty grave, the flashlight was procured .... since I was arranging these jars well past sunset... and I jaunted into the yard in the darkness to pluck some pristine zinnias to tuck into the hydrangea.  Pinks and oranges sang a melody of surprise that they had a chance to make friends with the "greenhouse gals".  Just here to say: "the homegrown blossoms held their own".

 Pink loves the cool fall nights!
 Green Hydrangea is a perfect organizer...

 "Celosia cristata"

Pink Beesbalm

Orange and Pink Zinnias

Burlap runners and mis-matched chairs

Miniture Orange Zinnias the red accent chair

Perfect backdrop for the pop of fall colors!

 Vigorous pole beans drape the fence...
Whether our creations are painted or grown...what a delight to have a rainbow of color.

Teri's pumpkin patch


Look right over there....please!

Sweet Cowboy boots...precious face!
A Little Whimsey for the Bride
Nick and his new wife!

Grown up...time seems to fly faster each day..

S'mores Teri Style


Love the eye lashes...

A beauty...20 years and she will be the bride.
Teri's beautiful garden yard

Isn't this soooooo fun?!!!

Teri with her mom and sisters

Kelly and Nathan
Always willing and cheerful to help us gals...

Greg ---what can I say?

Costa Vida---delicious food as always!

I want one of each, please!

Candle lit yard was breathtaking!
Thank you, Teri, for letting me create and play with color, form, and vision.  You inspire me every day to push harder, ride longer, be more precise in my measurements, and I wonder how one person can have so much talent but yet be so humble.  Even though you do all those things (and not only for me, but many others) I'm more thankful that you are a true friend. Someone that accepts others just for their value as a person...not what they can do or give back.